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In 2015, Congress enacted new legislation giving the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) greater latitude in assessing civil penalties against employers who violate certain provisions of U.S. labor law. Such violations, usually the domain of the Wage and...Read more
The 2019 tax season is now upon us. At the time this post was written, there were but two weeks remaining for businesses to meet their responsibilities in relation to W-2 forms, 1099 forms, etc. This is the time of year when even small mistakes with...Read more
Hiring is a normal part of business. Growth brings with it the need to hire, and there are always those occasions when hiring is a matter of replacing employees who either left on their own or were terminated. Your goal, as an employer, should be to...Read more
The practice of establishing new year’s resolutions is one of taking the opportunity of the new year to better ourselves. Losing weight and getting more exercise are two big ones for a lot of people. But did you know that New Year's resolutions are...Read more
A resurgent economy has opened the door to more hiring in 2019. As such, your company may now have the liberty to reduce the workload of current staff by bringing on additional team members. Nonetheless, you still may have some workers who end 2019...Read more
Our customized payroll solutions for the construction industry afford us plenty of opportunity to handle some of the most unusual aspects of payroll. One of them is paying by the piece. Believe it or not, piecework is actually quite common in the...Read more