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Electronic onboarding is about eliminating all the manual tasks and paperwork involved in the onboarding process. Paperwork and manual labor are inefficient and outdated. Electronic onboarding is a new and better way of doing things. Here are five...Read more
The entire BenefitMall team is extremely proud of the recently launched TalentFocus product now available to our clients. TalentFocus combines a specifically chosen set of tools that streamlines recruitment and onboarding to make for highly...Read more
With government numbers showing more available jobs than we have seen in years, it is apparent to recruiters everywhere that the competition for workers is hot and heavy. Finding and hiring the best and brightest has now become a matter of necessity...Read more
This year could be a banner year for minimum wage increases across the country. Some 19 states have implemented higher minimum wages for 2019. Within those states, some municipalities have also taken it upon themselves to address minimum wage. This...Read more