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When we think of human resources function, we typically think of companies with at least a few hundred employees served by a dedicated HR department. HR for smaller businesses tends to be left to business owners and a couple of key managers. Still,...Read more
Every company owes its success, at least in part, to the employees who do the work. This dictates that employees influence the workplace more than they realize. They also influence workplace trends. Employee influence is felt in everything from...Read more
We are a nation dealing with some profound mental health issues. Fortunately, more organizations are making a concerted effort these days to understand how mental health issues affect people of all walks of life. We are even beginning to understand...Read more
The time has finally come for the Department of Labor's (DOL) anticipated final overtime rule. After many years and much work, the rule was officially implemented on January 1, 2020. With implementation comes three big changes that affect millions...Read more
Benefits are to employment what toppings are to pizza. The better the benefits, the more you are going to appreciate the experience of working for that company. And just like pizza and toppings, companies with the least desirable benefits get the...Read more