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We are quickly approaching the annual open enrollment period for health insurance benefits. Whether your company provides health insurance or not, employees need to know what this is all about. They also need to begin preparing for open enrollment...Read more
It's no secret that prices on prescription medications continue to rise. According to CBS News, some 3,400 drugs saw higher prices through the first half of 2019. That represents a 17% increase compared to 2018. Moreover, the average price increase...Read more
Healthcare costs are already high enough in this country. The last thing we need is to send costs even higher by not taking a proactive stand against fraud and abuse. Both private healthcare plans and Medicare are subject to staggering levels of...Read more
Now that the Trump administration has a new overtime rule that looks like it might be adopted, it is time for employees to sit up and take notice. Though they have been spared much of what was bad about the previous rule, this new rule still means...Read more
Helping employees succeed in the workplace should be a no-brainer. When employees succeed, so do their companies. Look no further than Netflix and the Virgin Group if you need proof. Both companies have discovered what it takes to help employees...Read more
How to handle health insurance benefits is a question more than one business owner has wrestled with over the years. You want to help employees as best you can with a rock-solid medical plan, but you also want to do what is best for the company's...Read more
Federal and state regulations can make doing business exceedingly difficult. That is a fact. But since there is no way around it, it is in the best interests of every company to fully understand and follow all applicable regulations. This leads us...Read more
It is no secret that benefits become even more important as the labor market tightens. Employers rely on benefits to retain current employees and recruit new ones. More importantly, they tend to search for new benefits that will give them the edge...Read more
We are thrilled to be able to inform brokers that we recently combined our individual and senior divisions into a single Consumer Products Division in order to better serve our client base. Along with the restructuring comes a brand-new short-term...Read more