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Data suggests that wages will have grown in 2019, albeit just slightly above 2018's growth. If predictions hold, employees should receive pay increases 0.1% higher in 2020 when compared to 2019. Some of the projected increase has to do with higher...Read more
This past year has been a particularly good year on many fronts. The economy is roaring, unemployment is low, and businesses are investing in themselves. With all the good news comes greater productivity and the need to hire more employees. That...Read more
We are rapidly approaching that time of year often considered the busiest for payroll and HR. From the first part of December through the end of January, payroll and HR departments have a ton of work to tackle. Year-end compliance is at the center...Read more
We are quickly approaching the annual open enrollment period for health insurance benefits. Whether your company provides health insurance or not, employees need to know what this is all about. They also need to begin preparing for open enrollment...Read more
It's no secret that prices on prescription medications continue to rise. According to CBS News, some 3,400 drugs saw higher prices through the first half of 2019. That represents a 17% increase compared to 2018. Moreover, the average price increase...Read more
Healthcare costs are already high enough in this country. The last thing we need is to send costs even higher by not taking a proactive stand against fraud and abuse. Both private healthcare plans and Medicare are subject to staggering levels of...Read more
Now that the Trump administration has a new overtime rule that looks like it might be adopted, it is time for employees to sit up and take notice. Though they have been spared much of what was bad about the previous rule, this new rule still means...Read more