5 Ways to Help Your Employees Avoid Burnout

A resurgent economy has opened the door to more hiring in 2019. As such, your company may now have the liberty to reduce the workload of current staff by bringing on additional team members. Nonetheless, you still may have some workers who end 2019 feeling burned out.

Employee burnout is a very real thing. Sometimes it is the result of poor management. Other times you are dealing with a workaholic who just cannot seem to say no. Regardless of the cause, employee burnout is not good. It leads to unhappiness in the workplace, high turnover rates, and more.

Here are five ways to help your employees avoid burnout:


1. Redistribute the Workload

All the employees in your company have their strong and weak points. As such, it may be that the workload is not properly distributed among all team members. Step back and take a look. Are there a small number of employees who handle most of the work? Perhaps you can relieve them of some of their duties by transitioning those duties to other workers.


The goal behind redistributing the workload is not one of volume alone. It is also a matter of matching tasks with team member capabilities. By effectively managing volume and task assignments, you can even out the workload among the entire staff.


2. Encourage Taking Paid Time Off

Sometimes employee burnout is the result of workers not taking advantage of paid time off. Believe it or not, there are workers who just feel like they are indispensable. It is your job to convince them the company will survive just fine while they are out. Encourage workers take advantage of their paid vacations and personal days.


3. Implement Flexible Scheduling

Some of the most successful companies in the world do not adhere to set 40-hour schedules. Instead, they allow employees to set their own schedules. In other words, employees are allowed to work when they want just as long as they complete their tasks on time and according to company standards.

Flexible scheduling allows workers more control over the coveted work-life balance. It gives them a sense of value. Best of all, flexible scheduling allows them to manage the amount of time they put in so that they aren't burned out by work.


4. Buy Them Lunch

Friday tends to be a more casual day in many workplaces. This is a good day to buy your staff lunch and give them a little extra time to enjoy it. Sometimes something as simple as a catered lunch and an extra half-hour is all it takes to recharge the batteries and refresh one's outlook on things. A paid lunch also affords workers an opportunity to collaborate in a more relaxed environment.


5. Redesign the Break Room

Speaking of collaboration, it is amazing how redesigning the company break room can help employees avoid burnout. The kind of redesign we are talking about is one of replacing the institutional setting of your current breakroom with more comfortable surroundings that encourage employees to spend time interacting with one another.

A more relaxed atmosphere that encourages conversations gets employees away from their desks and into a common environment. It encourages more collaboration by keeping employees together for longer periods of time. And because the environment is more relaxed, there isn't as much pressure. Believe it or not, employees are more productive in such environments.

Employee burnout can ruin even the most successful company. Do not let it ruin yours. Taking action on the five measures explained in this post could be the answer to employee burnout you been looking for.