5 Tips for Boosting Summer Production

Boosting Summer Productivity

The summer season can be a nightmare. Between juggling employee vacations and battling with that nagging desire to be outside, it can seem like summer production is never going to match production during the other three seasons. But it doesn't have to be that way. There are ways that companies can take advantage of summer to actually boost production.

Production is an essential part of payroll because it determines how much value an employer gets out of each and every worker. It is one thing to pay workers competitively, but it's an entirely different matter to be satisfied with high pay rates when employee production doesn't match up. We are very familiar with the plight of businesses that struggle with production value.

Now that summer has all but arrived, we want to help our clients make the best of it. So here are five tips for boosting summer production:

1. Offer Unlimited Time Off

This first tip is pretty radical, isn't it? Still, offering unlimited time off has a way of boosting production if you frame it correctly. More and more companies are adopting this policy but telling workers that there is a caveat: their work must be done correctly and on time. As long as workers get the job done, they can spend as much time away from the office as they want during the summer.

2. Encourage Working Outside

If it's practical for your business, you can boost production by encouraging your employees to work outside. They can take their laptops to a local park and bask in warmth while completing their reports. They can make sales calls down at the pier or get together for collaborative meetings at an outdoor café. It all works because people love being outside during the summer. Being outdoors creates a sense of freedom, opportunity, and creativity.

3. Expand Casual Friday

Companies that normally adhere to a casual Friday schedule can boost production by expanding casual Friday to other days of the week. In fact, there are companies that go casual from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Every day is a good day for a nice pair of jeans and a golf shirt. Fridays are reserved for shorts and tank tops.

A lot of companies are surprised by how much good a casual Friday policy does. They are even more surprised to learn that expanding casual Friday during the summer can boost production.

4. Limit Overtime

There is nothing like mandatory overtime for killing a worker's desire to be as productive as possible. Think about it. If you know you have no choice but to come in on the weekend, are you going to put forth your best effort the rest of the week? Probably not. Limiting mandatory overtime during the summer season could be very helpful in motivating your staff to work harder during the week.

5. Throw a Party or Two

Finally, boost summer production by throwing a party or two for your staff. Take a Friday afternoon, shut things down an hour early, and take everybody out to the parking lot for grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. Have them invite their families too. A handful of summer parties boosts morale, increases staff cohesion, and even stimulates creativity. You might be surprised how much work gets done by a couple of guys standing around a grill.

The summer season does not have to be a production killer. If you are willing to invest in strategies that make summer more enjoyable for workers, you can actually boost production during what is normally a down season. Try it. You might be surprised by the results.