5 More Reasons to Consider Small Business Online Payroll

5 More Reasons to Consider Small Business Online Payroll

Here at BenefitMall, we are especially proud of the fact that we work with clients of all different sizes. From the family-owned restaurant to the multi-state construction company, we have online payroll solutions to fit just about every scenario. We are small business online payroll specialists as well. Our small business solutions make outsourcing payroll affordable, efficient, and legally compliant.

We have pointed out a lot of good reasons to consider switching to online payroll in previous blog posts. But we have only scratched the surface thus far. There are so many good things that come from contracting payroll that it is hard to quantify them. Be that as it may, here are five more reasons to consider outsourcing your payroll to an online payroll provider like BenefitMall:


1. It Can Reduce Costly Human Errors

The vast majority of problems that arise in manual payroll systems are the result of human error. The online payroll model is based on the concept of automating as much of the payroll process as possible. This automation, using the latest software and hardware, significantly reduces human error.

Reducing human error saves both money and time. Money is saved by not having to pay fines or give payroll staff overtime pay for working extra hours to fix those problems. It saves time by eliminating errors that otherwise keep employees from doing more important things.


2. Payroll Can Be Integrated with Tracking

Combining an online payroll solution with a digital tracking system means being able to integrate the two for a more streamlined process. For example, you might use a digital time clock to tracks hours. That time clock requires employees to swipe a card at the start and end of the day, while the machine automatically sends the data to tracking software that is fully integrated with the payroll system. This kind of integration cuts down on the amount of effort needed to track employee hours and input data prior to running routine payroll.


3. Record Embellishment Can Be Reduced

Embellishing manually kept time records can be a problem for some small businesses. Such embellishments cost a company money without resulting in any additional work being done. The practice of embellishing can be eliminated through an online payroll system that uses digital tracking. The same example of the digital time clock previously cited applies here.


4. Cloud-based Payroll Means Easier Access

The plethora of data needed to process payroll is data other departments in the company also need access to. One of the greatest benefits of small business online payroll is that it is cloud-based, so all that data is housed in a central location and easily accessible across all company departments without having to keep multiple sets of the same data in multiple locations. Data stored in the cloud is also accessible to employees.


5. Reports and Filings Can Be Automated

Lastly, online payroll affords the opportunity to automate reports and filings. Just take tax reports as one example. Remembering to complete and submit tax reports can be a chore for busy small business owners, but it is nothing for computerized systems. Contracting with an online payroll provider virtually eliminates all the headaches and frustrations that go with tax withholding and reporting.

There are a lot of great reasons to take payroll out of the back office and send it to an online payroll provider such as BenefitMall. Perhaps we will look at a few more reasons in a future blog post. Until then, we look forward to continuing to serve our clients