4 Reasons Payroll Should Be Mobile

We recently launched a brand-new app for both iOS and Android users known as PayFocus Mobile. This is not something we did halfheartedly or haphazardly. In fact, our dedicated mobile team members put a lot of time and effort into figuring out just how mobility could benefit our customers. We designed the app for you, not for us.

Still, there might be some lingering questions as to why we decided to take Benefit Mall into the mobile payroll arena. Fair enough. This post will answer those questions by explaining four reasons modern payroll should be mobile. Suffice it to say that increasing mobility is part of our long-term roadmap for the future.

1. Mobile Use Is Exploding

At the top of the list of reasons for developing PayFocus Mobile is the simple reality that mobile use is exploding around the world. According to statistics from the BiznessApps 2018 Mobile Marketing Report:

  • There were over 3.5 billion unique mobile users across the globe as of August 2017
  • Some 80% of global internet use now occurs via mobile device
  • Mobile users use their phones to access 69% of their online media
  • Mobile users spend 50% of their mobile time using apps rather than browsers.

The first and lasts statistics on the above list are most important. The truth is that people are using their mobile devices more than ever. When they do use them, they are more likely to access online information by way of dedicated apps instead of their mobile browsers.

2. Mobile Apps Contribute to Satisfaction

A well-developed mobile app that actually works is something users truly appreciate. One that provides relevance is even better. We have built an app that does both. That is good for users in that it offers them a working tool that gives them access to a plethora of payroll functions on the go. At the end of the day, it all adds up to more satisfied users.

Make no mistake, we want all our PayFocus clients to be satisfied with BenefitMall services. We realize that for our clients to be satisfied, their employees have to be satisfied as well. PayFocus Mobile is all about increasing that satisfaction.

3. Mobile Apps Are More Convenient

We live in a busy world that has most of us constantly on the go. As such, convenience is a primary factor for any company that offers consumer services. Mobile apps increase convenience by giving people tools they can use at the moment they need them. PayFocus Mobile is essentially payroll on the go for workers.

With PayFocus Mobile, employees can schedule time off while they are thinking about it. They do not have to contact HR or wait to get back to their desks. That same instant access is available for reviewing pay records, changing personal information, and even downloading tax forms. The convenience PayFocus Mobile offers puts the power of payroll and HR into the hands of workers day and night.

4. The Information Age Requires More Information

Finally, this information age we now find ourselves living in demands ever more information from us. And unfortunately, we often find ourselves needing information at the most inconvenient times. Our mobile app puts critical payroll and HR information at the fingertips of each worker. That information is accessible from virtually anywhere.

As the world becomes more dependent on mobility, we are reaffirming our commitment to stay on the cutting edge for the benefit of our customers. PayFocus Mobile is proof of that. Modern payroll should be mobile; it's as simple as that.


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