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Now that the Trump administration has a new overtime rule that looks like it might be adopted, it is time for employees to sit up and take notice. Though they have been spared much of what was bad about the previous rule, this new rule still means...Read more
Security issues abound in the information age. Wherever you turn, bad actors are seeking to get their hands on data that will allow them to assume identities, steal, and wreak all sorts of havoc on people's lives. As a provider of cloud-based...Read more
With 2019 quickly drawing to a close, it is abundantly clear that the American workplace is being influenced by what has been dubbed the 'new economy'. It is an economy that continues to grow and is well supported by low unemployment rates and...Read more
Helping employees succeed in the workplace should be a no-brainer. When employees succeed, so do their companies. Look no further than Netflix and the Virgin Group if you need proof. Both companies have discovered what it takes to help employees...Read more
How to handle health insurance benefits is a question more than one business owner has wrestled with over the years. You want to help employees as best you can with a rock-solid medical plan, but you also want to do what is best for the company's...Read more
An equal pay lawsuit brought by the U.S. women's soccer team against U.S. Soccer has once again brought the subject of equal pay to the forefront. If nothing else, the lawsuit is a reminder that pay equity is not just a social and ethical issue. It...Read more
Federal and state regulations can make doing business exceedingly difficult. That is a fact. But since there is no way around it, it is in the best interests of every company to fully understand and follow all applicable regulations. This leads us...Read more