Don't waste another minute. Our time and attendance solution, TimeFocus™, is a comprehensive tool that will allow you to improve employee communication, eliminate unapproved overtime, and cut payroll cost by automating complex pay policies. TimeFocus seamlessly integrates with our payroll solution to track and analyze your labor activities, monitor your budget, and ensure that you're in compliance with local regulations. Spend more time concentrating on the success of your business and transition your time and attendance to BenefitMall. 


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Mobile Friendly

Enable your employees and managers to take action with real-time notifications and alerts.


Customer Report Writer

Easily creates reports that track and analyze payroll information to better manage your workforce.


Employee Self-Service

Conveniently allows employees access to schedules, archived time information and even request time off.



Time Off Tracking

Streamlines employee requests for time off and simplifies manager approval.


Messaging Tool

Efficiently communicate with employees by using the private message boards.



Shift your focus back to building your business. Leave the time
tracking to BenefitMall.