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Payroll is essential. It’s also time-consuming, complicated, even intimidating. That’s why we developed PayFocus – to give businesses like yours accurate, compliant tax processing, personal support PLUS the ability to manage HR related tasks.

Hate being on hold with a 1-800 number? That's why we provide a team of dedicated, knowledgeable Payroll Specialists with PayFocus to help you any time you need it. 

Choose industry experts who stand behind a feature-rich, easy-to-use online platform. Hand your payroll burden to us, and relax. 

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See how we are leading the payroll industry. 

Along with a simplified and streamlined payroll platform, you'll see that we are leading the payroll industry in customer service year over year with nearly half of our clients staying with us for over 5 years. You can bet it's the smart choice to choose BenefitMall. 

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Simple, Feature-Rich Payroll

Clean, streamlined, flexible and a breeze to navigate, it makes running payroll and reports practically effortless. Plus take it anywhere. Our intuitive mobile-friendly platform allows you to login anytime, anywhere.

Geniune, Expert 

Get backed by our knowledgeable and dedicated payroll team that is available to assist you when you need help. Don't hassle with long waits - get the answer to any payroll question you need, when you
need it. 

Empower Your Employees

Give your employees what they want, when they want it. Our self-service portal lets your employees update personal information, view and download their personal data, paystubs, and more. 

Not Your Basic Payroll - Get More with HR

Whether you are onboarding a new hire, approving PTO, or entering in accruals our HR features and functionality make it super easy. Get access to position profiles, an organizational chart and manager assignment.



Hear straight from our customers - real reviews.

Cesar Sanchez A. reviewed BenefitMall

"When I was ready to run my first payroll with them, they assigned someone to assist me step by step and made sure I was feeling comfortable with the software, which by the way is very intuitive! I also want to say that BenefitMall allowed me to save more than 50% of what I was paying for payroll processing. Overall, very satisfied."

Marjorie Pomeroy-Wallace reviewed BenefitMall

"Easy to use, simple reporting, self-service for employees and great customer service. The on-boarding team set everything up for me and held my hand as I processed my first payroll. The price is right, the service works just like it's supposed, direct deposit was flawless and my sales rep is amazing! Even after the initial setup, she was still there for me!"

Sheila T. Allen reviewed BenefitMall

"I own a small community Health and Wellness store and have used BenefitMall for my payroll services since I purchased the store in January. All I can say is the service is top notch. It is such a joy to simply turn in hours for my 3 part time employees and know that my payroll would be taken care of properly, all taxes paid and no worries on my part. My employees love the auto deposit and I could not be happier."


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