We're broadening the scope with HR related features.

Simple. Secure. Smart.

We've upped our game. Not only do you get peace of mind knowing PayFocus™ delivers accurate and tax compliant payroll processing - you also experience a simpler way of managing the needs of your employees. With the PayFocus HR features, you can spend more time concentrating on the success of your business and your personal goals. See things clearer with PayFocus.


Zoom in on your HR related tasks.


New! Documents

 Give employees more - conveniently allow them to view important HR documents directly from their profile.


New! Position Profiles

Effortlessly assign positions to employees and easily update position changes. 


New! Organizational Chart

Streamline your organization's positions, departments/locations and even add employee contact information.


New! Manager Assignment

Allow administrators to assign and edit managers to employees.




 Get payroll + basic HR in one place, without hassle.