PayFocus Pro™

Bring us your complicated issues, your challenges, your questions yearning to be answered. PayFocus Pro transforms your payroll, tax and compliance tasks into one easy, cost-effective, web-based process. And just because it’s online doesn’t mean you’re on your own. You’ll always have a Payroll Specialist to call on for support. It’s just one more reason why PayFocus Pro is an industry leader.


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Discover the many benefits for your business.


Reliability promise

Accurate and on-time tax filing and deposits, guaranteed


Reports your way

Online reporting including 40 standard reports and ad-hoc capabilities, plus health care reform reports.


Plays well with others

PayFocus Pro integrates with major accounting software programs.



Self-service access

Empower your employees and managers with direct access to information they need.


Payment options

Flexible choices include direct deposit, onepay, and onsite check printing.


Streamlined workers comp

Actual, not estimated, payments can be made through PayComp®.




Behold the power of PayFocus Pro. See what it can do for your company.