PayFocus Full Service™

Save time, money and – possibly – your sanity. Maybe you thought a payroll company was just for big companies. Or that it would be a hassle to hand over your payroll tasks, or you didn’t realize how cost-effective it can be. Let BenefitMall handle your payroll and you’ll instantly gain hours back in your day – hours you can use to focus your core business. Full-service payroll with BenefitMall is easy; simply call or fax your information, and your Payroll Specialist will get it done. Welcome back, productivity.


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Discover the many benefits for your business.


Payroll, uncomplicated

Call or fax. No websites, no data entry, no software to learn. 


Genuine personal service

It’s a priority for us and a promise to you: A dedicated, experienced Payroll Specialist will support your business.


Accuracy guaranteed

BenefitMall keeps up with tax filing and reporting so you don’t have to.



Complete tax compliance

Our tax experts resolve any payroll tax notices directly with local, state and federal tax authorities. 


Easy payroll reports

Mailed directly to you or go paperless with our online reporting system.


Actual workers comp

With our pay-as-you-go solution, PayComp, you’ll make actual (not estimated) workers compensation payments.




PayFocus Full Service, at your service now. For less than you think.